Friday, October 3, 2014

Khloe's Ice Cream Birthday Party

What a hectic hectic hectic week.  Ugh.  Shake it off!  

So, to get my mind off of the 1 million things going on and the million more things I need to do, let's talk about Khloe's birthday party.

Last year for her 1st birthday party, we went all out with a county fair themed party.  You can read all about that in these posts.

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It was so much fun, but leading up to it was crazy hectic.  We decided to scale way down this year and just do a simple party.  Khloe still had a blast and it was a lot easier on this momma.  

The theme this year was one of Khloe's favorite things... ICE CREAM!!

I went simple on the decorations making this ice cream cone banner out of tissue balls and kraft paper.  The table cloths were pink and white.

For the cake, I baked cupcakes in ice cream cones.  Let me tell you, this was a pain in the booty!  If you don't get the right amount, they overflow like crazy!  They did turn out pretty cute though :)

For the food, we did shredded pork BBQ, chips, cupcakes and an ice cream bar.
For the ice cream bar, I found the cutest little bottles with cork and silver buckets at Target's dollar spot.  The toppings were marshmallows, cherries, graham crackers, Reeses, Butterfingers, sprinkles, peanuts, strawberry and chocolate syrup and whipped cream.  I also got the tags at Target.

I pre-scooped the ice cream that morning and put the cups in my freezer so I could just bring them out when it was time.

Instead of games, we just had a bounce house.  Khloe had a blast! How cute is she??


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