Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!  I don't know about where you are, but here is Motown, WV, it's cold and rainy (on the verge of icy and snowy).  I'm glad our trick or treat was last night.  

This year, Khloe went as Molly from the Bubble Guppies.  I looked around for a costume to buy, but I couldn't find one Molly costume in her size.  So, I decided to give it a go at making one.  Here is our inspiration pic.

Isn't she a cutie!  By the way, I'm that pathetic parent who knows more Bubble Guppies songs than top 40 songs.... yep, I own it when I'm singing "Take me away on a train!"

I started out trying to find a skin-colored shirt for the base of the top.  No luck.  Kid's clothes just don't come in tan.  I improvised and bought white onesies and dyed one tan by using RIT dye.

You use this dye in your washing machine, scared me to death the first time I did it.  I thought I was going to ruin the washer.

But if you follow the directions on the back, you come out with a clean washer and a tan shirt.

Then came the skirt.  I am no seamstress, so I really don't even know how to give a tutorial on this.  I bought some fleece fabric (any stretchy fabric would work) and made a straight skirt.  I basically wrapped the fleece around her, cut it, sewed a straight seam down the back and added a piece of elastic at the top to hold it up.  Then I made a tutu out of bunched up tulle and sewed it on the bottom of the skirt.  This was the hardest part because the tulle wasn't exactly easy to get through my machine.

Next, I cut random pieces of darker blue felt and attached them to the front of the skirt with fabric glue.

I wrapped a piece of tulle around Khloe's chest to finish the top and put a pink wig on her and it was done.

She was hating the wig in these pictures.  I really wanted her to wear the wig, so I told her she would get more candy if she wore it and she ended up wearing it the whole time she was trick or treating.  Mom- 1, Khloe- 0!

This costume was pretty cheap to do, here's a breakdown of the costs.  i already owned the thread and glue.

T-shirt: $2.50
RIT dye: $2.50
Fleece remnant: $1.98
Felt: $0.23
Tulle: $2.00
Wig: $5.00

Total: $14.21

Did you guys DIY any costumes this year?


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