Saturday, October 25, 2014

DIY Window Clings

We're in full Fall mode around here... even on the health front.  We keep passing colds back and forth, so as I write this, I'm shivering under 2 blankets. Ugh.

So, the name of the game when it comes to toddler crafts is simplicity.  Last week we made these window clings out of Elmer's glue and it was so easy.

Basically, you take some half empty bottles of Elmer's glue...

Add some food coloring and shake it up....

Print out a coloring page or template of whatever you want.  Put a piece of plastic on top (a report cover works great)...

Paint on top of the plastic and let them dry completely.

And, tada!

Khloe was a bit too young to draw out the leaves, she ended up just making lines and circles.  But she loved putting them on the windows.  Now to find our next craft idea!  :)


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