Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Every since my kitchen update started here, I've been struggling with what to put on the walls.  It seems like whenever I try to decorate my walls, my scale is all wrong.  I need to go bigger.  I always think something looks big until I put it on the wall and then it's dwarfed.  So with the phrase rolling around in my head "GO BIG OR GO HOME" I started mad Pinteresting to find something for the big blank dining room wall.  Here's a before shot.

Holy moly that was a long time ago.  See what I mean about the scale?  The picture frame looked huge when it was sitting on the floor, but once I put it up.... it's Bilbo Baggins (Mom, that's a Hobbit movie reference, you won't get it).

Since I was already re-arranging things in the living room, I decided to steal my window chalkboard that was in the entry.  It left the entry empty, but I've got plans for that.  The window was big enough, but I still wanted to add a little pizzazz to the top.  Inspiration hit and I decided on wooden spoons.  Plain old regular size wooden spoons from TJ Maxx.  I didn't know if it would work, so I bought them with all intentions of not liking it and just throwing them in my spoon drawer.  After putting them up with my trusty Command Strips, I really liked them.

 I'm playing around with the idea of painting them, but for now I'm kind of digging the neutral vibe.  Here's a little pro (yeah right) Photoshopping to show what it may look like if I painted them fun colors.

I'm not sold.  Pretty sure I'm going to leave them neutral.

Here's a wide shot of the dining room side of the kitchen.

Here you can see the open space where there should be a door to the laundry room.  Yeah, that's a funny story I'll tell you at another time.  You can also see my DIY ruler growth chart that I'm waiting on my wonderful husband to hang.

It's amazing what some paint and new things on the wall can do for a room.


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