Saturday, September 6, 2014

DIY Rustic Fall Wreath

Is it just me or have they started putting mums out WAY early this year?  Not that I mind, I love Fall.  I love the colors, the feel of the air turning crisp, the smell, the pumpkins.... you get the idea.  Also, what's up with this September?  It has been so HOT!  It's time to start cooling off... come on!

So, the Fall bug hit me early this year.  I've already broke out the pumpkin spice candles, started baking like a maniac and made a wreath.  I refuse to pay $40 for a wreath that I don't even really like, so I used what I had and made one that I love.

Here are my materials.

-foam circle (from Dollar Tree)
-old t-shirt
-hot glue and gun

This was so simple to make.  It only took about 10 minutes.

First, I wrapped the foam circle in burlap, hot gluing the end to secure.  Then I broke the sticks to around the same length and stuck them in the foam all along the edges.  Most were pretty secure, but I hot glued any that felt loose.

I then made flowers out of the old t-shirt.  I roughly followed the tutorial here.

Hot glued the flowers on and hung with the raffia.  That's it!  Now I have a custom wreath that matches the rusticness (is that a word??) of my porch.

All in all, the wreath cost me $1.  I had everything except the foam circle.  Not bad, not bad at all.


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