Saturday, August 16, 2014

Kitchen Re-do In Progress

I finally did it.  I tackled my kitchen.  While re-doing the kitchen has been something I've wanted to do since we moved in, it was always such a daunting task that I've just kept pushing it and pushing it.  At the beginning of the year, I made a list of goals for our house that I hoped to accomplish before the end of the year and the kitchen was on it.  With Khloe's birthday party being only a month away, I decided it was a good deadline to set for myself to have it done before the party.  

The re-do is in no way finished.  Really all I've done so far is paint the trim and the cabinets.  But wow, does it make a difference.

Here are the way befores.

Then we replaced the lighting and painted the trim.

Then it was time for the cabinets.  I used Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit in Pure White.  Last year I used this kit to paint my bathroom cabinet here.  I followed the same process this time except for a few changes.  This time I used a roller.  The kit advises to only use a brush, but the last time I had a horrible time trying to get rid of the brushstrokes.  So, I opted for a 4" foam roller for ultra-smooth surfaces.  I still used a brush for the grooves in the cabinet doors, but used the roller for everything else.  Another change from last time- I didn't use the decorative glaze this time.  I used it in the bathroom and it feels a bit dirty-looking to me.  I'll probably end up re-doing it at some point.  Also, since this was a kitchen, I felt like the cabinets were extra grimy from grease.  So, before I even began the steps outlined in the kit, I scrubbed everything down with soap and water.  Seems to have worked great.  Keep in mind, same as last time, it took me 4 coats of the base coat.  The box says it will only take 2.  Here are some of the in-progress pics.

Oh.... it was a mess.  It messed with my OCD so much that I ended up finishing it in 3 days so I could put everything back together.  

Without further adieu.... here she is all cleaned up.

It's so much brighter; it feels like we added about 17 lights.

I still have a lot to do.  Here's the checklist for now.

  • Find and install a new pantry door
  • DIY a backsplash of some kind
  • Add a laundry room door (this is on the dining room side of the room)
  • DIY wall art
  • Replace curtains?? Maybe, maybe not.....
  • Repaint cookbook holders ORB
  • New faucet?
  • Add accessories
I'll keep you updated with the progress!

- Brooke


  1. Looks SO nice! I would try just painting your pantry door a pop of color of some sort to save having to buy a new door! Maybe you will like it! An aqua color..or a minty color...or a yellow? So many options!

    1. Great idea! I may do that in the meantime, but I would eventually like to get a door with glass panels in it and frost them. I've seen a lot of pantrys like that and I love the look of it. But even if I replace the door, I love the idea of painting it. Also, the idea of yellow intrigues me... :)


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