Sunday, October 23, 2011

Let the Yardwork Begin... Scratch that... Continue!

No, it's definitely not the beginning of our yard work, but we're still no where close to being finished.  You have to give us a pat on the back though, cause our forest yard used to look like this.

Then we had it logged....

Then it looked like this....

Yikes!! Look at all that mud!!!! Now we have grass in spots, but still have a few brush piles and a LOT of stumps to deal with.  When I look at the yard, it feels like we have so far to go, but then I look back at these pictures and it reminds me of how far we've come.  We didn't start out with a graded, top-soil covered lot.  We started out with a forest, and it takes time to go from forest to yard.  I just have to keep reminding myself that. :)  Here's the yard as of yesterday.

It seems like we're always on the go in the summer, and it's too cold and the ground is frozen in the winter, so Fall is out best season for yard work.  So, last weekend, Chris broke out the backhoe and started digging up some stumps. 

So far, he's gotten 9 out since last week.  I can't wait till they're all gone and we can just mow our yard like everyone else in the world!  But... I do know one member of the family who will NOT be glad to see the stumps go...

Mercedes likes to use them as a bed. :)

Well, that's where we're at with the yard work.  Our goal, (I'm putting it on here to give us motivation) is to get all the stumps out this Fall/Winter and burn all the remaining brush piles.  Is it do-able?  We'll see!!

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