Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall is Officially Here in the Gillespie House!

Wooohooo!!  I finally got everything unpacked from vacation and worked up enough motivation to go dig through all of our storage to find our Fall decorations.  Just as I feared, they were buried.  They were way under all of the Christmas decorations and Summer decorations.  And, it's spider-land down there!  Majorly eye-opening.  This weekend, I'm Chris is setting off a spider bomb.  But enough about the neglected basement...
I really thought I had a ton of Fall stuff, but when I dug it out... not so much.  I had enough to decorate the house, but I would have like a few more gourds and pumpkins... maybe on my next trip to WalMart. Enought chatter... let's get down to the good stuff... pictures!  (Hint: You can click on any of the pictures for a bigger view)

First things first, I had to get in the fall mood, so out came the pumpkin candles... yummy!!

The entry table got a few pumpkins and leaves.  I worked at a church one fall as a secretary and one of the women there gave me the leaf light.  I thought my lanterns looked Fall-like enough for me to keep 'em out.

I kept everything I had on the piano, but added some extras.

My name is Brooke Gillespie and I have a problem... I can't take straight pictures to save my life!  My makeshift coffee table got a leaf place mat.

The front door got a little makeover, I haven't tackled the yard yet, maybe this weekend.

I changed out the sign on top of my window chalkboard.

I was gonna erase the chalkboard and write something Fall-related, but I couldn't part with the drawings from my two favorite boys, my nephews Brayden and Landon.
This is Landon's (age 7) flamingo... I really think that's way better than what I could draw.

This is Brayden's (age 2) kickin (chicken)   :)

If I would have had enough pumpkins and gourds, I would have kept the basket on the table and filled it up with 'em.  Alas, I ran out of pumpkins... so the big candle came out.  That's okay, I love my big candle!

Some scarecrows gained a warm home by the fireplace.

The mason jars stayed, but got a little place mat upgrade.

Yes, I know these pictures are blurry.  It was night time and I could NOT get the camera to focus.  A few pumpkins, a scarecrow and some sunflowers made their way onto the bookcase.

And last and probably least... the side table got a new friend.

A few simple things added a cozy Fall touch to our house.  I love the change of the seasons!  I can't wait to make my pumpkin/ haystack/ corn stalk arrangement outside, and you know I'll post pictures ;)

P.S.- Spoiler alert... two of the pieces of furniture pictured above are getting makeovers soon....

Happy Fall Ya'll!!  


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