Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall on the Outside Too

It was a busy busy busy week!  The week after vacation in always brutal, but finally, we made it to the weekend and I got a couple of projects finished.  Earlier this week I posted about decorating the inside of my house for Fall, but I still hadn't done anything to the outside.  So yesterday, I went out and bought supplies and put together my little arrangement.  
I finally had my first, decent sized garden this summer, you can read about that here.  Not only did it give us goodies through the summer, it left me with corn stalks to decorate with!  I bought a bale of straw, pumpkins, gourds and mums.  I had the scarecrow in storage from last year.  

I propped up a pitchfork against the straw too.  When we were excavating for our house, we found this guy buried in the ground.  We held onto it, who knows how long it had been buried!  We plan on decorating our basement really rustic, I want it to have a lodge-like feel (it's gonna be Chris' playroom)... so I think I might put the pitchfork somewhere down there.

The gourd on the left is my favorite... look at his twisty stem.

I had enough corn stalks to make two stacks.  The other one I'm gonna place at the end of our driveway with another scarecrow.  Who doesn't wanna be greeted by a scarecrow?

Hopefully next year we'll have our covered front porch on the house and I can throw a few pumpkins up there too.  The porch is (hopefully) going to be our big Spring project... sigh... so many plans...  :)  


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