Wednesday, October 19, 2011

If I Only Had a Brain...

For everyone who thought the post title was about me.... shame on you.  Of course it's a scarecrow reference!  I mentioned in my last post that I wasn't quite finished making the house Fall-tastic.  I had one more scarecrow that I wanted to put out.  

My dad actually made this one for me.  Who knew that two privacy fence planks and a few boards could turn into a scarecrow? My daddy, that's who! The deal was, he would build it if I would paint it.

I've actually had this for about a year now.  He made it for me last year and for some reason the thought of painting a scarecrow on it intimidated the heck out of me.  Finally, I decided that I couldn't let it set in the basement for another year.  It was time this scarecrow got a little sunshine.  So I broke out the outdoor acrylic paints.

First I painted the base colors of my scarecrow.

Then I went over it to shade and add details.  And...... here he is!!

Chris put him up at the end of the driveway with some of my corn stalks.  Now I'm greeted everyday by a scarecrow!!

Now that I think about it, the end of the driveway is a great place for this guy.  The other side of the drive is where we put our trash out and we have MASSIVE crows that get into it.  Hmm... I wonder if scarecrows really scare crows??  We'll see!

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