Monday, January 27, 2014

Spin that Color Wheel

I've been stuck.  I have this problem when it comes to my house and decorating.  I always tend to start a room out on a good foot but when it comes to the details that make it feel finished, I'm lost.  I want my rooms to pop, but they end up blander than brown rice.  Seriously, I HATE brown rice... I want flavor! (in my food and my rooms)

I can't seem to get my rooms to flow the way I want them to.  So, I decided to put together a color palette for my house.  I've actually been trying to do this for a while, but I get hung up on what everyone else thinks.  A long time ago, I read an article or a blog (I don't remember) that said in order to keep your house cohesive, you should stick with no more than 3 colors.  Taking the colors I like and picking only 3 was impossible.  When I would put rooms together with only 3 colors, it felt unfinished.  I like the way a lot of colors work together in the right balance.

I've struggled with this whole 3 color business ever since we moved in 4 years ago.  But then I had a revelation....WHO CARES???  Why should I care if the magazines say to stick with 3 colors?  I like more than 3 colors and I'm the one who has to live here!  So, I threw caution to the wind and started picking my colors.  (yeah, I'm pretty much a daredevil)


I'm actually pretty satisfied with the colors I have on the walls right now.  So, I really just needed to define what my accent colors were going to be.  I've been stuck in this cream and red kick and I needed to add some variety.

We have Sherwin Williams Grassland on the walls of the front living room.  This picture is really out of date (actually most of these pictures are out of date) I'm in the middle of painting all of the trim, so things have gotten crazy round these parts.  I'll start taking some updates.

I have Chopsticks in the master bedroom, kitchen, hallway and family room.

And I have a dark red accent wall in the family room.  This paint color isn't Sherwin Williams Red Bay, but I couldn't remember what it was and that was the closest I could find.

Wow... I'm realizing how horrible out of date these pictures are.  There aren't even any toys lying around or any stains on the carpet from a certain toddler I know.  Maybe I'll put together an update post soon.

Now that I have the color palette out in front of me, I think I'll have better luck at infusing more color into my house and making it feel like one cohesive space instead of separate rooms.  

Here's a quick breakdown of what I plan to do with all the colors.

We'll see how it goes!


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