Saturday, January 11, 2014

Khloe's County Fair Birthday Party- The Favors and Games

Since life while working 40 hours a week, taking care of the house, starting a business (I'll explain later), having a husband who is also starting a separate business, and having a 1 year old is maybe just a little bit hectic... I'm going to skip over the fact that I haven't been on here since October and still haven't finished posting the details of Khloe's b-day party.  I'm also going to skip over the fact that that was an enormous run-on sentence. 

So back to the birthday party...

I didn't want Khloe's party to be one that everyone showed up, ate and sat around.  I wanted it to be fun.... I wanted to HAVE fun!  So, I planned some games to liven things up.  I also wanted to keep with the county-fair, old fashioned theme.

Here's the line-up:

  • Sack races
  • Hit the can
  • Prop photos
The sack races were so much fun!  By the way, if you need to buy some of these, they can be a nightmare to find.  I finally found them on Oriental Trading.  

My dad joined in the fun and Chris took Khloe so she could join in too.

Hit the can was okay... I think the kids had fun, but with all those kids standing in a line waiting to throw, it took forever!  I just peeled the labels off of empty food cans for this game.

Now the prop photos were a blast.  Again- this was a Pinterest idea.  Just search for photo props on Pinterest and you'll find 'em.  The kids loved them and even the adults joined in and had to get some pictures taken.


The favors-

One thing I learned while planning- favors can get expensive real fast.  I needed something on the cheap.  So I made a coloring page out of Khloe's photo.  I just followed a tutorial I found on Pinterest.

I rolled it up and put a lollipop on the outside of each one.  (Lollipops were from Oriental Trading)

The birthday party took a LOT of planning and I know Khloe won't even remember it.  But, I have a lot of great pictures to show her when she gets older.  Maybe we'll even re-create this party sometime.  It was a blast!



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