Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rock-a-bye Baby in the Treetop

Back in my original post about the nursery here, I mentioned how much fun I had doing things I had never gotten to do before.  My favorite thing in the nursery by far is the tree on the wall.

I knew I wanted to do something like this from some inspiration on Pinterest, but I was so dag-on nervous.  I literally paced around the room for about a week before I decided that I just had to go for it.  I think the major reason for my nervousness was that we didn't have any of the green paint left for me to cover up any mistakes.  Yeah yeah... I know... I could've always gotten more mixed..... just let me have my little breakdown.....

So the night I decided to take the plunge, I had printed off a picture of one from Pinterest to use as a guide.  I soon decided (after messing up about 5000 times) not to use the picture and just to freestyle it.

First step was to draw it out with a pencil so that I could erase what I didn't like.  (it's hard to see in the pics, but that's a good thing... it meant it wasn't that visible in person and that was what I was going for in this step).

After I got it where I wanted it, I tackled it with some brown acrylic paint.  I did a few different shades of brown to add some depth.

To do the flowers, I cut some foam into the shape I wanted to make a stamp.  Then I just went crazy putting flowers everywhere.  I didn't want it to look uniform, so i just went crazy stamping anywhere my little arms would reach with no pattern.

I did a mixture of pink and white flowers to tie into the color scheme of her room.  I wanted it to look like the wind was blowing the flowers off of the tree and over her bed, so I continued the flowers onto the next wall.

And there you have it!!  I am in love with it.  The most depressing day of my life will be when Khloe asks if we can paint over it.... I'm probably just gonna say no :)



  1. That is really impressive!! You make your house a home, and its cute :)

  2. Thanks! It's not quite where we want it to be yet, but we're working on it!


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