Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pre- Baby Checklist

Yep, yep I'm 15 weeks along in the ol' prego adventure.  So far, I have to say I've been lucky on the symptoms.  Barely any morning sickness at all.  The only thing I've really had to deal with is fatigue... and boy did it hit hard!  Now that I'm into my 2nd trimester, some (and I emphasize "some") of my energy has returned.  I do have enough energy to come home from work and maybe do a load or two of laundry.  Yeah, it was a rough couple of months on our wardrobes :)  Chris has been my lifesaver.  He's been helping me make dinner almost every night, helping out with cleaning, and laundry.  Without him we would be starving and naked... or buying new clothes every week.... so then we would be broke.

Chris and I have decided that the best choice for our family is for me to continue to work outside of the home once the baby arrives.  So in a little less than 6 months, I have a feeling that reality is gonna give me a big slap in the face.  I tend to be someone who likes to be organized and have a plan in place for everything... and I'm headed into uncertain waters.  So in classic Brooke style, I made a checklist of things I need to get done and things that I need to get organized before the big B-day!

  • Finish master bedroom and bathroom (this one is strictly selfish... I want a place to relax when the baby isn't crying)
  • Re-do the guest bedroom into a nursery
  • Re-configure the office to be a office/ guest room
  • Give the house a really thorough Spring cleaning
  • Empty out closet in nursery (what am I going to do with all that stuff?!)
  • Make a plan for meals
  • Make a schedule for cleaning
  • Make a decision on childcare
  • Coupon to stock up on diapers and other baby needs
  • Take pregnancy pictures
Okay... that's the start of my list.  I'm sure I'll be adding and adding as the time gets closer.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.  In the mean time, do any of you have suggestions on how to stay organized with a new baby?


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