Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pinterest Challenge! $8 Starburst Mirror!

So, two of my favorite bloggers came up with the idea of the Pinterest Challenge to get us to stop pinning things without doing them.  Click these links to see their projects- Bower Power & Young House Love. I've watched as they did this twice already and decided that was a band wagon I wanted to jump on.  With my bedroom makeover in full swing, I figured it was a good time to make something for the bedroom.

Here was my Pinterest inspiration...



I put my own spin on it and found a way to make this baby for only 8 bucks!!  Not bad when you're on a baby-coming budget!

4 bundles of bamboo sticks (I found these at Dollar Tree!!)- $4 Total
1 round mirrors (Michael's)- $3
Round wooden plaque (WalMart)- $1
Glue sticks- already owned
Glue gun- already owned
Command Strips- already owned
Husband with a saw- already owned :)
Total- $8!!

Chris cut the bamboo sticks for me into various sizes between 15" and 18" long.

To lay the sticks out, I used masking tape to make sure I got the initial ones straight.

The rest was just filling in.

After I had the sticks in place, I glue them all with a hot glue gun.  Then I glued the wooden plaque to the back of the mirror to add extra support for the sticks to stay in place.

Yes... the only plaque I could find was actually oval, not circle.  But it was small enough that you couldn't see it from the other side.  It served it's purpose.

After it was all dry, I stuck of few Command Strips on the back of it and hung it over the bed.

My sticks were thicker than the ones in the inspiration so they are further apart.  And I know the sizes of the sticks are random, but I have to say... I love it.  I like the rugged natural look of it.  It's not perfect, but perfect is boring.  I consider my first Pinterest Challenge a success!



  1. I found this post through Young House Love's blog and I have to say that I absolutely love it!! A job well done!!

    1. Thanks so much, I had a great time making it!

  2. Such a good idea! Looks great.

    1. Thank you!! I was excited when I found the idea on Pinterest. I've wrestled with the dilemma of what to put of the bed for a long time.

  3. So pretty!! I just love sunburst mirrors! :)

    xo Catharine @ Your Modern Couple


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