Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lighten Up!

The bedroom is officially painted.... well, almost.  Here's list of what was wrong with the room and the plan to fix it!
 Here are the problems with the room now:
  • The room is too small for the accent wall.
  • The lamps are too small
  • The paint is satin (ugh) too shiny!
  • The trim needs painted white
  • The room is too dark
So here's what I need to do to remedy:
  • Re-paint the entire room a creamy tan
  • Replace the lamps- we never use the lamps, so I may find something more creative
  • Paint with egshell paint
  • Paint the trim
So..... I shared one before picture earlier, but one is never enough!!!!  So here are some more.

Like I said earlier today, things take a loooonnnnggg time when you're pregnant!!  So painting this room literally took 2 weeks.  Granted I was working every day... but gathering the energy to paint was the big issue.  I painted to room with Sherwin Williams Harmony paint.  This paint has Zero VOCs so it's safe for Jelly Bean.  But just to be safe, I kept the window open, turned on the vent fan in the adjoining bathroom and took a break about every ten minutes to get fresh air.  The color I painted was called Chopsticks in egshell finish.  And the trim I painted Valspar Ultra White in semi-gloss finish.

Without further ado, here are the afters!

I love the difference.  The room feels so much bigger just by lightening it up.  So here's my little secret.

The trim's not finished :(  I ran out of painters tape... and I'm not the kind of girl who can do trim without painters tape.  I was just so excited to post pictures that I couldn't wait.  I knew you wouldn't really be able to tell from the pictures how much lighter this cream was then the previous tan.  So I took a picture of the new paint against the old paint to show you.

It's a huge difference in person.

I'll be back with updates as I add decorations... YAY!!


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  1. Wow! It looks so much lighter and brighter! Love it!


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