Friday, July 29, 2011

Initial Thoughts

I've found the most difficult thing in decorating my house has been finding wall art that I like.  A lot of my walls are bare because of this very reason.  I just really can't find alot of things that I like, and most of the stuff I do like is about the distance from here to Mars out of my budget.  So I've challenged myself to DIY some wall art that will not only be very easy on the wallet, but also satisfy my empty walls.  In scouring Pinterest, I've found art with letters and initials.  I love the idea of wall art that means something, so I decided to make some art for the family room with our initials.

 I started out with this frame- it was a steal at Big Lots for only 5 bucks!!

I wanted something besides the white mat, so I headed out to Michael's and grabbed this sheet of scrapbook paper (matches the red wall in the fam room).
The next step was to cut the paper to the size of the mat.  Actually this was the hardest part because I chose striped paper, I had to make sure the stripes all lined up.  It would have been much easier with non-striped paper.  :)   After cutting the paper, I used a glue stick to glue it to the mat that came with the frame.  Then I made a little magic on the computer and printed off our initials!

Put it all together and this is what I got!  I like it!!

Now it came time to decided where it would go.  We have this strange corner wall that ended up being just the right size.

So I took out my handy-dandy Command strips... love these things... seriously.  Chris isn't too fond of the idea of me taking a drill or hammer our walls... I'm a little clumsy at times... so this gives me a way to hang my own frames.  Plus, no damage to my walls when I change my mind!

I made sure it was level and stuck up... I am very pleased with the results :)

So how much did it cost me?  Here's the breakdown.
Frame- $5.00
Scrapbook paper- $1.00
Command strips- $2.50
Total- $8.50!!

Not too bad!

Brooke  Y

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  1. I love this little project! You did a great job.


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