Wednesday, July 20, 2011

House Tour- The Kitchen

I have a love/hate relationship with my kitchen.  When I'm in the mood to make sweets and try new recipes, it's by far my favorite room of the house.  But.... when I get home from work and have to go through the whole "what do you want for dinner?" "I don't care, what do you want?" thing, I want to be anywhere but there.  I think cooking is always better when the mood strikes, not just cooking because it's dinner time.  When it came time to decorate the kitchen, I wanted something neutral with pops of color.  Here is the kitchen before.

Chris- there's no food in there yet!  :)

 Don't you just LOVE the curtains.... (insert gag noise here)

The appliances aren't even unwrapped yet in these pics.

At least everything was brand new.  We painted the walls Olympic Khaki in satin finish.  We have since decided that everthing we paint will be in eggshell finish.  It seems to cover imperfections better.  I added pops of color with accessories and made the striped window valances to tie together all of the colors.

We had the island/ bar, but I didnt know what to do about chairs.  Luckily, when I picked out my kitchen table, it came with 8 chairs.  8 chairs around the table felt a bit tight, so we moved 2 of them over to the bar.  It was a perfect fit because the table is counter height.  I love it when things just fall into place like that. :)  I have one more room that I want to show in my next post- our family room, then I have some DIY stuff and room makeovers that I want to share.  The family room is where we spend the most of our time, so it has all of our fun stuff!  Thanks for stopping by!

Brooke  Y


  1. Brooke, I really enjoy your blog, keep up the good work. Pam

  2. Hi Brooke! What a nice blog! I enjoyed looking at all your pictures. Your kitchen is beautiful. It looks so big and roomy and I love how you have the pans hanging over the bar. My cook top is in my bar, so pans hanging over it would be ideal. I love your flooring, too. What kind is it? I'll be visiting your blog again soon! Mary Agnes

  3. Thanks Mary, I bought the pan holder on Amazon for only $40! Chris was surprised at how heavy-duty it was for that little. The floor is actually just linoleum, but I love it!


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