Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring Photo Challenge!

I was so pumped when Katie at Bower Power Blog announced her Spring Photo Challenge!  Imagine me sitting at my computer desk fist pumping like no one's watching.  

A few weeks ago, Chris, Khloe and I went on a Sunday fun day to Valley Falls State Park.  They have the most beautiful waterfalls... but what was I taking pictures of.... my kid :)  I can't help it, her face just screams "Somebody grab a camera!"

It was so hard to pick my favorite, but I think this is it.  I love that I captured her real smiley/ laughy (is that a real word??)  face.  Her daddy had just tickled her :)

Linking up to Bower Power blog so go there and check out the other pics!  Enjoy some Spring snapping :)



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