Monday, March 17, 2014

Entry Table Re-Do

My entry table has lived many lives.  

When I was a teenager, mom and dad bought me a vanity for my room.  It was a little desk with a mirror attached that had picture frames attached to the side of the mirror.  I loved it.  I put all of my little perfume bottles on it and felt like an adult.  :)  I tried my best to find a picture of one similar online, but Bing wasn't my friend today.

When I got married I took it with me, but our bedroom was so small that I didn't have room for it.  So, instead, I removed the mirror and put it in our living room as a desk.  

Once we moved into this house, I used it as an entry table for a while, but then moved it to the family room to use as a desk.  With the desk Chris built for me last month, I was finally able to move it back to the living room as an entry table.

Here she is in all her glory.

I've had plans to re-do this table for a long time.  I really think a table this size has great potential for an entry table, but I wasn't feeling the 90's style of it.  Plus, the table had seen it's better days.  Here's a look at the top of it.... not so pretty.  

So I took her outside and broke out the palm sander.

Yep, that's the look of a crazed woman using a power tool!  #powertoolselfie (confession time, I have no clue what hash tags do or mean)

I sanded the whole thing down and was left with this.

Since I was planning on painting it, I wasn't worried about getting all of the stain off, I just needed to rough it up enough that the paint would stick.

There were some holes on the top where the mirror used to be connected, but some wood putty took care of it.

I wiped the whole thing down to remove dust and took it inside to paint.  (it was still a little cold for painting outside)

I used Valspar Ultra Paint + Primer in Ultra White with a semi-gloss finish.

One coat down...

After 4 coats, it was nice sparkly white.  But I wanted more.  So I decided to add stripes.  I measured the top and divided by 5 in order to get 5 stripes.  I taped it off and then painted every other stripe in Sherwin Williams Chopsticks that I had leftover from the walls in the hall, kitchen and family room.

Right about now the angels were singing and I was falling in love.  But I still needed more.  So I figured a little distressing was in order.  I took out some stain we had on hand and carefully rubbed a little on all of the edges, corners and very lightly down the legs and very, very lightly on the top.

When distressing, you want to be careful, but at the same time don't make it look too perfect.  Just have fun with it.

And finally, for the drawer handle.  I didn't want to buy anything, so I went digging through my supplies and came up with burlap.  I simply pushed the burlap into the holes on either side, leaving enough hanging out the front to make a handle and hot glued on the inside of the drawer.  I knew this drawer doesn't get used much.  if you have a heavily used drawer, you may want to staple it to secure it better.

And now for the afters!!  YAY!!

I LOVE it!!  And the best part?  It was free!!  I had all the materials I used!

My next project going to be something to hang above it.  

UPDATE- to see part 2 of this post, click here.

- Brooke

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