Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Khloe loves Daddy

Khloe loves her Daddy.  There's no hiding it.  From the way she smiles at him to the way she bats her eye lashes when she looks at him, it's obvious.  It's also obvious that the feeling is mutual.  When Khloe was born, Chris turned into a completely different person.  He loves her so deeply that it makes my heart melt. 


So, I wanted to do something special for Chris for Father's Day.  I didn't want a traditional card, so I used Picasa to make a collage of pictures and turned it in to a card from Khloe to Chris. 

I also wanted a card from me to Chris, so I put together a Khloe vs Daddy card.

Chris LOVED them.  It turned out to be something that was super quick and easy to do, fun and creative.  I think this may be our new tradition- to make something for Chris on Father's Day.

If you haven't tried Picasa, do.  It's free and it's so simple.  When I really edit photos, I go into a more complex program with layers.  But for a quick fix, Picasa is my go-to.  It's the best collage maker that I've found.

And now, just because they're adorable.... some more pictures of the two loves of my life :)


P.S.- Have a happy 4th!! 

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