Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Day In My Life

I was reading one of my favorite blogs a few days ago (Bower Power Blog) and the writer had recorded a day in her life.  She said something that stuck with me.  She was explaining why she had posted this- "More for me than anything. So that I can look back at it in a month or a year or five, ten, twenty years and see a tiny flash of my used-to-be life."  I realized that I wanted to do the same thing.  My life is so crazy busy right now with working full time and raising a 9 month old, so I wanted to write it down.  I want to try and do this about every 6 months so that I can see how our lives and our family dynamic has changed.  I let Chris read this and he said "wow, just reading that makes me exhausted."  I'm not going to say this was a "typical" day because no day is really typical.  Everyday brings new challenges and excitement.  So, consider this post just my personal diary.  :)

6:00am- Nurse Khloe in bed while we’re both half asleep.
6:30am- Wake up.  Luckily, Chris and I were both able to slip out of bed without waking her.  That in itself is an accomplishment.
6:30am- 6:45am-  Getting dressed.  My goal every morning is to get ready before Chris leaves so that I can spend the rest of my morning time with Khloe getting my full attention.
6:45am- Khloe starts to stir.  Chris has finished his breakfast, so he goes and picks her up.  They sit down on the recliner for cuddle time. 
6:45am- 7:00am- Finish getting ready while Chris watches Khloe.  Make lunches, make Chris an iced coffee to take with him to work, stick Khloe’s breakfast in the microwave.
7:00am- Chris leaves for work and passes the baby to me.  We spend a few minutes at the stairwell waving bye to him and blowing him kisses. 

7:05am- 7:15am- Put Khloe in her highchair and tear her mini pancake into pieces for her.  She hates baby cereal now, so this is the only way I can get her to eat grains.  Of course, she just eats them plain.  No- I don’t give my 9-month-old syrup… I’m not that bad of a mother ;)  She feeds herself while I fix myself a bowl of cereal and get her fruit.  I feed her banana baby food and eat my cereal.  This is all while she tells me all about the dreams she had last night.  Or at least that’s what I imagine she’s doing…. She is babbling on and on now.  She loves looking out the window while she eats. 

7:15am-7:30am- I get Khloe ready for the day.  I wipe off her face, brush her teeth, change her diaper and her clothes.  She’s ready to play, so I end up dressing her while she’s standing up in her crib bouncing.  While she plays, I get her diaper bag ready for the day.  Even though she isn’t hungry, she comfort nurses for a few minutes before we leave.  Just a little something to get her through the day away from mommy.

7:35am- Running late!  Drop her off at the babysitter’s house.  I hand her over to the babysitter; there’s a little whining, but no crying this morning.  Usually she goes pretty good, but every once in a while, she’ll cry when I leave.  I flood her with kisses, hugs, I love you’s and I’ll miss you’s.  Then I leave.

7:55am- Arrive at work- with a whole 5 minutes to spare.  I am greeted by piles of paperwork from work I didn’t finish yesterday.  I hate coming in to a messy desk, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

8:00am- I settle in with my first cup of coffee and start reading emails and tackling paperwork for the day.

9:00am- 9:15am- Break time.  I use this time to plan out my meals for the week, pay some bills and call and schedule Khloe’s 9-month check-up.  I take a quick look at my calendar and make a note to buy Chris a Father’s Day present and buy a birthday present for my niece and nephew.   Then it’s back to work.

9:15am- 11:30am- paperwork, paperwork, meetings, paperwork…. It never ends……

11:30am- I realize that I forgot my lunch on the kitchen table…. So I have to run out and grab lunch.  I get lunch and come back to the office.  I make my grocery store list and start looking on Pinterest for Father’s Day gift ideas. 

12:00pm- Back to work.  By this point I’m tired… very tired.  I’m ready to go get my baby.

4:30pm- Leave work

4:45pm- Pick up Khloe from the babysitter

4:50pm- Arrive home.  Khloe comfort nurses again (even though she had eaten an hour earlier).  Then we take time to play.  While she plays in her room, I work on her closet.  I move all of her 3-6 month clothing to storage.

6:30pm- Leave for Wal-Mart to go grocery shopping.  It’s always interesting going grocery shopping by yourself with a 9 month old… she whined on the way there because she didn’t want to be in the car.  She was good when we got to the store and she got to ride in the cart.  As we went through the store, she went through phases of smiling and laughing, tearing up my store list and repeatedly throwing it in the floor, saying hi to some random man we passed by, and whining.  By the time we got ready to leave, she wanted to be home and cried the whole way home.

7:30pm- Arrived home.  There was no way I could get the groceries and the baby up the stairs, so I left the groceries in the car, in the garage  for Chris to bring up when he got home.

7:40pm- Strapped Khloe in her high chair and gave her dinner.  She had pear Yoplait Baby yogurt and some wheat bread.  She always likes something like bread in addition to her baby food so that she can feed it to herself.  She likes feeling like she’s a big girl. Meal time is also play time for us.  It’s our time to make faces at each other and make animal noises :)

8:30pm- Chris came home.

8:35pm- Bath time! Her favorite thing to do is take a bath with me.  She loves to splash and play with her duckies and books in the water.  Every time I get in the bath tub she gets so excited and starts jumping :)  Our routine is for me to get the water ready and get in the tub while Chris undresses her and then hands her to me.  After I wash her, I hand her out to him and he dries her off and has play time while I take a bath.  She knows that after the bath is play time with daddy, she always laughs so hard :)

9:00pm- Chris gives Khloe a bottle to put her to sleep.  I start putting away the groceries, I get about ½ finished.

9:15pm- After about 15 minutes of Khloe crying, I go get her, put Orajel on her gums and nurse her to sleep.

9:30pm- I start making my dinner.  Chris had eaten earlier with one of his friends, so I just make myself a quick waffle… super healthy, I know.  While it is cooking, I start cleaning the kitchen.

9:45pm- I eat dinner.  Chris sits with me at the kitchen table while I eat and we talk about our day.

10:07pm- I clean up the kitchen, start the dishwasher, start the clothes washer and put the rest of the groceries away.  The rest of the house is a disaster, but I promise myself I’ll get around to it tomorrow.

10:30pm- Finally sit down on the couch with Chris to watch an episode of Total Blackout that was on the DVR.  By the way, if you haven’t watched this show, you should.  It’s so funny.

11:00pm- Head off to bed.  Chris carries the baby into our bedroom and puts her on my side of the bed.  We co-sleep right now.  She stirs and starts to whine, so I nurse her while lying in bed and we both drift off to sleep.

1:30am- Khloe wakes up.  I nurse her back to sleep.

3:00am- Khloe wakes up and sits up in the bed whining.  I get her to lie back down and nurse her back to sleep.  She’s cutting 3 teeth right now, so she fights with them all night.  Even when she was sleeping, she was restless enough to keep me half awake.  Finally she slept the rest of the night.

So that's one day in my crazy beautiful roller coaster of a life.  No I need to take a nap!!


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