Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let's Go....Mountaineers

Hey guys!  I'm not gonna be able to post much this week, my great uncle Emmett has passed away.  So, I'm heading out of town for the funeral.  Our family appreciates your prayers.  I'll be back Friday with a new house post, promise. Today, instead of my usual, I thought I would share some pics of the WVU game last weekend.  I know, I know, pictures of other people's lives... boring... at least my mom will want to see :)

On game day, the population of Morgantown, WV explodes from around 30k to around 80k.  It's ca-razy!!   If you're not going to the game, you can basically forget about doing anything else in Morgantown that day, traffic is a nightmare.

Since WV has no pro teams, WVU is our pride and joy.  The whole state shows love, unless we're playing Marshall (our in-state rival) then the state is divided.

Until this year, when the players came out onto the field, they ran through this helmet.  New coach= new traditions, so now it's outside the stadium where yahoos like me can get their pic with it.  Look at those muscles... I think I could take some of those football players in a fight.

The pilgrimage to the stadium. 

Pre-game show.  We have an incredibly talented band.  Everytime I see 'em I'm amazed.  Look at the state of WV formation!

Here come the boys!!  Let's get this thing going.

Since the game was on September 10, the half-time show was all devoted to America.  It was pretty cool.


The band made different formations for the different branches of the military.  This one was for the air force.

It was a good day with the hubster. Did you do anything exciting last weekend?

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