Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Be Back Before You Know It!

Yep, we're on vacation!!!  We've been gone since last Thursday and we'll be coming back this Friday.  (Hence the lack of posts on this here ol' blog.)  So far, we've spent two nights at Massanutten resort where we took a time-share presentation (we didn't buy, I'm way too cheap for that), went mountain biking and went to a driving range.  After that we moved to a campsite along the Shenandoah  River.  There was a big WVU game the night that we moved to the campsite... and we had no TV!!  So, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings, which was filling up fast because there was also a UFC fight at the same time as the game.  We had to get there early to get a seat, so we spent 5 hours in the restaurant.  Let's just say, I felt like I had to leave a mighty generous tip to the waitress whole took great care of us the whole time.  The next day, back at the campsite, we set off on our 18 mile kayaking trip.  We did 10 miles the first day, ended at our campsite and 8 miles the second day.  Yikes... that's why I'm so tired!  After coming back from the second day float, we packed up camp and headed to Williamsburg.  In fact, that's where I'm sitting now, looking out the window at some horses :)  Now we have 4 days to chill out and relax.  Just what I need after all that physical activity!  I'll be back with a new post next week, but right now I gotta get me some breakfast! ;)


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