Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sorting Out Life...

Now that I have my new office, I'm wanting to get really organized with all of our paperwork.  So, I thought a good place to start would be sorting the mail when it comes in.  It is so easy to get a big stack of mail on the kitchen table that ends up being not only an eye sore, but also makes you lose bills and other important docs.  I didn't want to take up space on my desk, and I really didn't want to look at bills all the time... who does?  So, I decided to fill up one of my empty walls with a mail sorting system.  Like before... my office budget is still non-existent low. 
Target is one of my favorite places for home stuff, and I love their little place in the front of the store where everything is just a buck or two.  So one day while scavenging around in the dollar spot, I found these.

Just $2 each!!  I surfed on over to Pinterest for some inspiration and found this cool idea for hanging baskets on the wall.
I figured if they could get their baskets to hold vegetables, mine could hold a few magazines!  The only thing I didn't like about my baskets was the inside.

They all had really bright colors.  This could be cute in a different area, but with all the color already going on in here, I decided to take it out.  I also didn't want the handles on the baskets, so I just gave the handle a good tug and it broke loose.  This made a hole in the pink fabric, so from there all I had to do was pull the fabric to break the stitching loose. 

I needed to label the baskets in order to make a sorting system, so I printed these off the ol' laptop and glued them to some pretty scrapbook paper.

I'm the treasurer for my church in case you were wondering :)

I hot glued these to the front of the baskets and Chris put them on the wall for me! 

So far it's been really functional and I like the way they look on the wall.  How do you sort your mail when it comes in?

Brooke  Y


  1. That's a great idea! I love the labels you made. My mail goes straight into an entryway closet and it is in terrible need of organizing!

  2. Thanks! That's how my mail was before too, but this system seems to be working out great!


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