Monday, August 29, 2011

Chalkboard Canisters

My mission this week... kitchen organization! This week I plan to show you the good, bad and the ugly of my kitchen.  And let me warn you, it looks like a tornado went through my cabinets, not to mention the pantry or the fridge... 

Tonight I'm gonna start cleaning out the pantry, I figured I'd tackle the hardest part first.  So in preparation for the big pantry redo, I made some cute chalkboard canisters. Let me tell you, this little project turned out to be quite a drama-fest.
I bought these 1 gallon size canisters at Walmart for around $5 each.  I wanted a canister with a sealing lid to keep critters out.  (c'mon you know you've had ants before)

The plan was to tape off a square on the front, paint it with chalkboard paint, remove the tape and voila!  No dice... it couldn't have been that simple.  My whole plan was foiled by one misstep... and I tend to have quite a few missteps.  Picture it, I grab my paint brush and my chalkboard paint and head down the hall. (Yes, I was going into the family room so I could watch TV while I work... don't judge.)  I trip over my own feet; the can of paint flies from my hand.  This all happened in slow-motion, I swear.  Imagine me slowly reaching out for the paint, screaming, "Noooooooo....."  Splat!  BLACK chalkboard paint on TAN carpet!!!  Not a good thing.  So naturally my canister painting plans took a backseat to cleaning the carpet plans.  I soaked up as much as I could with an old rag so it wasn't gloppy anymore, then poured almost a whole bottle of Resolve on it.  I don't have a carpet shampooer, so I frantically ran out of the house and to the nearest Kmart to rent one.  To my surprise, it all came out!  I couldn't believe it!  I think the secret was keeping it wet.  One thing for sure, I've gotta start hammering the lids down on paint cans.  

So... the next day.... I taped off the square on the front of the canister.  The chalkboard paint I had was Valspar from Lowe's.  The only thing I don't like about this paint is sometimes you get brushstrokes.  I have since learned that they sell spray chalkboard paint, so I think that would be way better.

I used a foam brush to apply the paint to the canister.  It took 3 coats.

After it was good and dry, I peeled the tape off and was left with a writable surface on my canisters!

So there you have it, chalkboard canisters!  I made three, one for AP Flour, SR Flour and Sugar.  I may do different sizes once I get into the pantry re-do, but for now at least I have three.

I hope you enjoyed the drama filled tutorial.  I'll be back later this week with "Operation Kitchen Organization" updates! I have no excuses... now that I've announced it, I have to follow through.  :)



  1. I loved reading about your chalkboard canister caper!!! It was light-hearted and funny! Thanks for smiles it gave me. By the way, I like the idea of having a canister for AP and SR flour.

  2. Thanks Mary! It was quite an adventure!


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