Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Khloe's Monthly Photo Project & Photo Book

Way back when in this post, I talked about Khloe's monthly photo project.  I showed a few months of her photos, but never got around to showing the final project.  I took a picture of her every month and kept track of milestones throughout the year.  Then for her birthday, I made her a photo book called "Khloe's 1st Year".  

The pages were laid out with the picture on the left side, labeled with the month, and a paragraph on the right with a blurb about what she did that month.

I tried to take a picture of every page so you could see what each said.  Some are crooked and a bit distorted... just ignore it :)  Click on the pictures to make them a bit bigger.


I was really pleased with the book and everyone loved looking at it at her birthday party. I decided to continue on into her second year.  I've been taking monthly pictures, but I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do on the right side page.  Thinking about maybe funny stories or things she says. 

Here are the pictures so far for this year.  

September (with birthday cake of course)

October (we just so happened to have puppies!!)










I wonder if she'll get annoyed with me when she's 16 and I'm still doing this..... 


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