Thursday, August 8, 2013

11 months

Sigh.... my little baby bear is now 11 months old.  I am in MAJOR birthday party planning mode!  I'll save all of my sobby, crying my eyes out comments until she is a year.   It's already hitting me hard that my baby won't be a baby anymore.... but for now, I'll just share her 11 month pictures.

We went out to the yard with a mirror and tried to capture some girly pictures!

And off comes the bow...
After a wardrobe adjustment.... the bow is back on....

And here's where it started to go downhill.... she found a stick....

I almost deleted this picture, but I'm so glad I didn't.  This picture perfectly describes my little tom-boy.  The bow is in the background, she has a tutu on digging in the dirt :)

And this one really shows how rotten she is, even though it isn't perfect, she's already shed her bow and she's already gotten dirty, this may just be my favorite one.


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