Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Monthly Pictures

One of my goals with Khloe is to take a new picture of her every month of her first year so that we can look back and see how much she has grown.  I've seen a ton of these on Pinterest and I love all of them.   This poor kid would be blind from all of the flashes if I didn't refrain myself....  I decided I would take two different pictures each month for her album.  I'm taking one in her swing so we have some sort of scale to compare her to.  But that wasn't quite fun enough for me... I needed something bigger.... something with props :) :) :) I started thinking and realized that there is some sort of holiday or event every month that I can use to theme her pictures!!  Let the fun begin!  Here are Khloe's pictures so far.... (I haven't taken the February one yet, I bet you can't guess what the theme will be for that one) ;)

September- Okay this one isn't really themed... it was before I decided to do that, so we'll just call this one Newborn :)

October- Fall!

November- Thanksgiving!  See her turkey bow?

December- Christmas of course!
January- Happy New Year!

I'm having a ton of fun taking these pictures and it's actually making me find cool tips and tricks for my camera.  I've only had the camera for 3 years... and I still don't really know how to use it... I'm getting there, I promise!!  She's really getting to the point now where pictures are so much fun!  She can sit up by herself which opens up so many more poses.  There are only so many ways to position a baby laying down...

Anyways, I'm gonna keep this up through her first year and then after that, who knows!!


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